JTC’s Email Encryption provides cost-effective, fully hosted business email security to protect your organization from financial fines, brand reputation damage and other negative consequences that can occur when unsecured sensitive email leaves your organization.Our Email Encryption supports all email gateways.

Provides multiple encryption options to meet your needs and assure the security of your messaging:

  • TLS Server-to-Server Encryption– Transparent to end users, TLS Encryption works by establishing private email networks linking you with your business-critical partners via the use of certificates. Every email sent or received by these networks is securely encrypted while the encryption remains completely transparent to both the sender and recipient.
  • Park and Pull Encryption – Park and Pull Encryption provides secure email communication between the sender and the recipient of messages, even to individuals outside your organization. Unlike end-to-end email encryption software, the park and pull technique does not require key codes or the installation of any software by the sender, recipient or email hosts.
  • Push Encryption – Push Encryption provides secure delivery without leaving sensitive messages in the cloud waiting to be picked up. With Push Encryption, the message is encrypted, put in an html file and attached to a notification message. Once authenticated, the recipient can view the attachment in a browser window, and can respond or forward the message and download any attachments.
  • JTC’s Data Protection protects outbound email communications by securing corporate data from unauthorized leakage of sensitive data and assuring the secure delivery of business email.
  • JTC’s Data Protection Service includes powerful data loss protection and email encryption technologies that provide security and compliance support for organizations in all industries.


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